One Man Show: An Interview with Chris Taylor

Debuting competitor “The One Man Show” Chris Taylor sat down with Upper Limit Wrestling’s Director of Digital Media Alexander James to speak about his experiences in wrestling and his coming to ULW. 

Alexander James: Thanks so much for taking the time out of your schedule to meet with me and talk a bit about your past and your future in professional wrestling!

Chris Taylor: Anytime, just remember, time is money and I charge by the minute!

AJ: Hmm in that case we had better get started. Where are you from and when did you start becoming interested in Pro Wrestling?

CT: I’m from the Bronx, and as a kid there was a lot of brawling going on in my life to the point where when I saw it on TV I realized I should get paid for this. Especially looking the way I look, honestly who else can do what I do looking the way I look? I’ll tell you, no one!

AJ: How long have you been a part of the wrestling business and how did you get your start?

CT: I started officially back in 2011, I got trained by Mario Bokara and JL Rivera in the ACE arena, and as years passed by I got even more training from one of the most ruthless individuals in this business today, AEW’s Santana. 

AJ: Looking back on the history of your career, what do you consider highlights?

CT: I am every single highlight of my career, it’s like I have the Midas touch, everything I touch turns into gold! But if you’re looking for specific moments, my ACE Fight for Flight Championship title run was pretty cool, my reign as NDIW Lucha Division Champion, and my return to pro wrestling at the end of 2017.

AJ: Tell me something that most people don’t know about you.

CT:  If there are things that most people don’t know about me, I prefer to keep it that way, I’m not a fan of the paparazzi.

AJ: Not sure how I should take that but let’s move on. What is your most damaging maneuver?

CT: I’ve got a lot of damaging maneuvers, but my most notable as of right now is my FCC! There’s is absolutely no chance of kicking out of that!

AJ: Ah yes, the Final Curtain Call. I have to agree it seems very effective, but I’m glad I haven’t experienced it first hand. Are there any wrestlers that you consider inspirations?

CT: inspirations? I am the inspiration! Every time I look at the mirror I’m inspired, and when I step through that curtain I inspire! I’ll give a shout out to that Dwayne Johnson guy though. 

AJ: If you could be in one match with one wrestler from the past who would it be and why?

CT: It would have to be Eddie Guerrero, because he is one of the best, just like me. I’m one of the best up-and-coming athletes, and I only keep getting better. 

 AJ: With your Upper Limit Wrestling debut coming up, what are your goals moving forward in the company?

CT: I want it all, all of the titles, all of the success, all the possible accolades! 

AJ: Do you have any closing remarks you’d like to make?

CT: Follow my Instagram @ItsChrisTaylor then click the link and buy my merch. Remember people, you can all say “I knew him before he went Hollywood on us”, but without buying my merch, no one will believe you. Also, disclaimer: I am not responsible for your girlfriends/wives leaving you after seeing me, it’s not my fault that you’re not me.