Wanted Dead Or Alive: An Interview with “The Brooklyn Outlaw” Donovan

Debuting talent “The Brooklyn Outlaw” Donovan recently conducted an online interview with Upper Limit Wrestling’s Director of Digital Media Alexander James about his career and upcoming debut with ULW. Donovan’s responses are left unaltered to maintain the integrity of the interview.

AJ: I just want to start by saying that I consider myself a fan of your work and would like to welcome you to the crew!

Donovan: That’s what’s up! I appreciate the love and support. Excited to take over Upper Limit Wrestling.

AJ: Where in Brooklyn are you from and how did your interest in Wrestling start?

Donovan: I’m from the South Side of Brooklyn by Flatbush Ave. and Church Ave. Not a chill spot to say the least but it’s home to me! My interest began as far back as 2 yrs old watching wrestling, cheering for Andre the Giant to beat up on Hulk Hogan of all things. (Bad guy in the making)

AJ: Haha it definitely takes a certain type of child to cheer against the Hulkster. How long have you been wrestling and how did you get into the business?

Donovan: I been in this crazy business for 18 years and I always wanted to be apart of it but never had the drive in my head to push forward since I didn’t know too many spots in NY even though I came by the Dog House to see my first Indy show. A friend of mine (Dan Payne) since he was experienced in the bizz and trained by his dad Pete McKay. Only difference was it wasn’t in a ring, it was in his yard on a gym mat.

AJ: Are there any wrestlers specifically that you can point to as inspirations?

Donovan: Well I was really into Jake “The Snake” Roberts, Bruiser Brody, Stan Hansen and Bad News Browns because there brawler, methodical style in the ring. Shawn Michaels for the showmanship and selling he does for other guys to make them look like a million bucks and more importantly the local guys who did big things that I looked up to like Dan Maff and Homicide.

AJ: In your opinion what is the most effective maneuver in your repertoire?

Donovan: My finisher, my knee to the face (The South Side Knock Out) you get knee’d directly in the face or the side of your temple the lights are going out! I can do it from anywhere at anytime and I’m the best at doing it! If your in there with me don’t sleep, cuz the lights can go out at any second my guy!

AJ: During your career what do you consider highlights?

Donovan: I was the only true grand slam champion at my home promotion (ACE Pro Wrestling), I won the Pro Wrestling Magic heavyweight championship, I made my debut at Evolve Wrestling last year and was recruited into a group with some very talented and hungry guys that you get to see every now and then on TV today (Eddie Kingston, Joe Gacy, Sean Maluta & Colby Corino) The Unwanted, I’ve wrestled fresh off their release Cryme Tyme which was a very good experience for me with my former tag partner (Rob Vegas) R.I.P. Shad Gaspard and I won with my former Tag Team partner (Rob Vegas) the Mike Morgan Jr. memorial cup which I’m very proud and honored to have won in the memory of someone I hold close to my heart. I’ve got plenty more but those stand out to me the most.

AJ: What is a common misconception that people have about you?
Donovan: When people first meet me I’m thought of to be an asshole. I actually tend to like that though cuz if I don’t know you I keep my distance and damn THATS MY FACE DAWG hahaha imma true pro though when it comes to business and how I deal with those who are doing business with me but outside world and wrestling locker room those that are in my circle know who the real me is and the value I bring as a person so I’ll just leave it at that!

AJ: If you could book yourself in a match with one wrestler from the past who would it be and why?

Donovan: Hmmm that’s a tricky one cuz I actually have two and one that could still happen if it’s god willing honestly. So first would be against Jake “ The Snake” Roberts. This guys has no wasted motion and can work the hell out of any crowd to either love or hate him. True old school player and would be a great experience. I have to be greedy and can’t just have one! That second match would be against “The Notorious 187” Homicide! That’s someone I truly respect and value his opinion when it comes to anything I do in this business. He’s done it all and is still in my opinion very underrated for the contributions he can bring to any locker room in a major player promotion. I would love to get in their scrap it up and kill it with him before he calls it a dub wrestling wise.

AJ: What are your current goals that you are looking to achieve in Upper Limit Wrestling?

Donovan: Man I’m just looking to show people this 18 year vet has been overlooked for far too long and it’s time for me to shine the only way I know I can! That and being the FIRST EVER Upper Limit Wrestling Champion. You only get one opportunity to staple yourself as the first ever to any promotion. Especially with the main championship.

AJ: Do you have anything to say to anyone who may be reading this?

Donovan: Your boy from Flatbush and Church Ave looking to make some real waves at the end of 2020 and into 2021! I’m hungry and that hunger will show through in everything I do. I’ll make sure before the end of 2021 that EVERYONE, EVERYWHERE will know what I bring to the table is UNDENIABLE……

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